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Our People, Our Story

With over 500 unique and individual stories to share, our IMB team bring our Bank to life.

Across all of our locations and in all types of job roles, our diverse group of employees bring with them their vast backgrounds, stories and experiences that help shape our culture and are integral to our DNA.

Originating in the Illawarra on the NSW South Coast in 1880, IMB is different to the major banks, because we are owned by our customers – our members. To learn more about mutual banks and customer owned banking sector, visit

IMB’s history and success has been built on helping our members across many Australian communities achieve their financial goals and dreams with a great deal of trust and integrity.

With extensive knowledge, credentials and expertise in the banking industry, our employees are the backbone of our Bank’s sustainability, and the way we do business. We are continuously proud of our people’s commitment to our members and to each other, and their passion for the values we stand for.

Our employees share not just their work lives with each other, but their personal self and interests outside of work, creating a sense of family, community and social connection.

We are excited by the next chapter of transformation and growth through which IMB will deliver even better products and experiences for our members and a wealth of new opportunities for our employees.