Why IMB?

Why IMB Bank?

Our size may be your advantage

Having recently been recognised by Forbes Magazine as one of the world’s best banks based on a global survey of 40,000 banking customers, we like to think we are a compelling, alternative employer to the major banks and large corporations.  Continuing to refine and build our capability, ensures IMB remains one of the country’s leading edge banks.

At IMB, we share a vision and a passion for continuously improving the way we do things – not only with our member’s needs and experiences at the core of our thinking, but in the interests of creating great experiences and learning opportunities for our people.  We are undergoing an exciting growth and transformational agenda perfect for professional development and opportunity.

It’s our small to medium size and structure that makes us more nimble, easier to navigate and get things done. With a strong sense of camaraderie and respect for each other, our members and our business partners, the size of our company means we are able to connect easily and forge meaningful and beneficial relationships that help us succeed both professionally and personally.

For current and future employees with the ambition, drive, initiative and desire to kick goals and make a difference, IMB has a range of key strategic and operational initiatives under foot that will help build the capability and skills of our people and provide a sense of achievement and recognition. Some of these initiatives have seen IMB at the forefront in banking, delivering competitive digital services and solutions to our members such as our Mobile App, Osko® real time payments and a range of mobile wallets and our online mortgage application solution.

There’s a lot to do on our agenda and we are excited about the next phase of our growth… And of course we’ll keep having some fun along the way!

IMB Bank

Diversity & Inclusion

IMB’s support of Diversity and Inclusion, in particularly Gender Equality in our workplace, is attested to by our commitment to become an WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) (a leading practice recognition program) that is to designed to provide a framework and set of standards IMB need to meet to help encourage, recognise and promote an active commitment to achieving Gender Equality in Australian workplaces.  

In a recent survey of our employees, feedback tells us that our culture is that of a truly diverse and inclusive one, and that overwhelmingly our employees and management understand the great benefit and value that diversity of thought and experience brings to IMB.  We are making great inroads toward our objectives and look forward to delivering further programs and initiatives in this area.

Year on year we proudly comply with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 reporting standards.  To view our current Workplace Gender Equality Agency report, click here.