Jodi Crewdson

Jodi Crewdson

As one of IMB’s first trainees in our pilot Traineeship Program in 2005, Jodi started her career in IMB’s Contact Centre in Wollongong.

With her ability to learn quickly, adapt and demonstrate a high level of capability, over the years, Jodi has worked across other roles within IMB.

Displaying leadership qualities and a genuine dedication for providing a great experience for members, Jodi secured a Team Leader role in our Contact Centre some years ago. Identified as a Future Leader of IMB, Jodi had the opportunity to participate in IMB’s Future Leaders Program in 2016. This achievement, combined with her passion for leadership and management, places Jodi now at the helm of the Contact Centre as the Operations Manager, responsible for its overall performance, member experience and the management of a large team.

 “Since deciding to take on a challenge of doing a traineeship with IMB back in 2005, I’ve been lucky enough to progress my career with IMB and move into a senior leadership role.  The positive and supportive culture, combined with the ongoing training opportunities offered to me has meant I’m constantly growing in my career.   I’m so glad I made the decision to apply for that very first traineeship!” – Jodi, 2018

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